I am a writing teacher and memoirist. My memoir, I'm Going to Hell for This, is the story my life in the Followers of Christ, how I got out, and the process I went through to acclimate to life on the outside.

While my blog's purpose is to provide information and historical background for this notorious and controversial group, my memoir is a personal story - my own. In October 2012, I finished writing my memoir. I am hoping to find an agent to help me publish my story.

I plan to write more non-fiction books in the future, and will update my profile when I begin a new project.

* * * * *

I hold a master of fine arts (MFA) in nonfiction from Southern New Hampshire University, master of arts in teaching (MAT) from George Fox University, and a bachelor of arts (BA) in English from Portland State University. After teaching English, reading, and history for several years in public schools, I now teach writing at a community college.

I was born into the Followers of Christ Church in 1973 and was an active member until 1994. A few months after leaving, I returned and attended church while being shunned by the majority of the members for another five years. I have not been inside the building since 1999.

I do not wish to be an enemy of the Followers of Christ. My writing is meant to be informative. I have taken great care to be respectful of the beliefs of my heritage, while still being honest. There are many topics that I have not written about due to their sensitive nature and the possibility of causing harm.

I can be reached at: suzishumaker73@gmail.com