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  1. A little correction on George and Ada Oakley. George was working in the store owned by his sister and her husband when he first met Ada. Ada and George were married in Wellington, Kansas on Aug 2, 1893.
    I am one of their grand daughters and this story was told to me by Ada and also their appears in, The Early Settlers of Western Oklahoma.

    1. Thank you for this information. I have updated the post entitled "We Are the Remnant" to reflect this information. Please let me know if you have any more information, or if there is anything incorrect. Also, thank you for the book title.

  2. I have Mom's diaries that may have some info on Grandpa/Grandma staying with the Eels for a short visit in Idaho, I will look. If you find the book I referenced please let me know. I borrowed it from Aunt Marea and returned it to her. I am not in touch with her sons/my cousins so I no longer have access to it. Do you have any information on George being shot before the land run? I love that story and would love to see if anyone else has more information. If you find anymore information please contact me.

  3. i remember brother freeman very well and that is exactly how they used to talk in the oc church sontimes they would referance how god had called them to preach the word of god and tell of dreams that were from god or hearing his voice tell them and they all preached that the oc church was the one and only true church

  4. Hi Suzi!
    Glad to "meet" you. I was checking my web-stats and one of the links led me to your blog. I'm the person who wrote The Proper Care and Feeding of Ex-Mormons. I'm so glad you came to know the true and Living God of the Bible! Thank you for sharing your faith and testimony.
    God bless,


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