Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daniel Mitchell: Calling Me A Bigot Makes You One Too

Today's guest blogger, Daniel Mitchell, is a SNHU MFA student and fiction writer from the backwoods of Oklahoma where he lives with his wife and son. He can be reached at

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A Message to Every Idiot on Facebook, Especially the Ones I Love.
          I have fondness and respect for you all or you wouldn't be on my friends list, but your refusal to see that belittling anyone for having different beliefs than yours doesn't make you enlightened, special, or particularly educated. What saddens me most is that those of you most guilty of this are the ones who see yourself as open-minded, liberal, and accepting.
          No one in the world agrees with or supports your every opinion and self-chosen cause.  If they do, they’re selling something or trying to get you into bed.  The more you lambast people for failing to see social issues through the same eyes you do, the more you proclaim your own ignorance, bigotry, and hate.
          Before you applaud these statements, please understand, I’m talking to you, whether you are redneck, Christian, racist, gay, straight, purple, or obssesively passionate about puppies. 
          Preaching about your support of whatever cause you claim to champion and then calling someone else a hatemonger for having a different opinion is without a doubt the most close-minded, assinine ignorance imaginable. 
          Most importantly, whatever your stance, on whatever issue, stop Googling verses from the Bible to support your babbling fascism.  You missed the point of the Bible or you wouldn’t be defiling it by using it to support your rotting soapbox.
          You want respect and acceptance?  Try showing some.

Daniel Mitchell


  1. I am passionate about puppies....

    But seriously, love the post.

  2. It gets old, doesn't it?
    Great job, Daniel.

  3. I always stop and wonder, "do they memorize the whole bible?" Then I tell myself, "no," because they probably wouldn't quote pieces like that.

    I'm the worst kind of bigot. I won't eat cauliflower and never have--something about white broccoli.

  4. Love the post. I think Suzzane aimed at the followers, but I think it speeks much more to to the hate filled ex-followers on this blog.

    1. calling me a hater makes you one too :) but on a serious note, the guest blogger, Daniel, doesn't know either of these groups ... this is a response to political drama in the world at large.


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