Sunday, June 16, 2013

It Isn’t Mother’s Day for Guys

Mother’s Day became a national holiday 58 years before Father’s day became an officially recognized holiday in 1972. And, I remember Mother’s Days past more than I remember Father’s Days. But, that may be more a family thing.

For most of my life, my dad celebrated Father’s Days with my brothers – going on weekend hiking trips or fishing or something else I wasn’t, by reason of my gender, included in. I remember that our church had organized father-son hiking trips and I even remember hearing talk about a father-daughter trip (with a much shorter hike), but I never went on one. I had three older brothers to compete for my dad’s time and attention.

I’ve thought about my dad a lot lately, though. He’s going to be 73 years old next month. I’m glad he’s still around and living close by.

He’s a good man and he has always been a good role model to my siblings and me. He worked hard. He went to work even when he didn’t feel like it. His work ethic is something I learned from him, and it’s an important value to me. When I have students who miss class, I tell them this: I’ve earned five college degrees and I never missed a lecture. Even the day I had a miscarriage, I still went to class. I don’t call in sick for work, either. In fact, most of winter term this year, I was pretty much lecturing in a flu-like fog. I was miserable and in intense pain many days, but not showing up was never an option. I fulfill my commitments. It’s a value I learned from my dad.

The other day, I wasn’t feeling well and I called my dad and asked him to bring me some Advil. Ten minutes later, he was letting himself in, with a cold bottle of water in one hand and Advil in the other. He does things like that for me and my children all the time. He’s my superhero. I’m sorry to break it to you, but my dad’s the greatest dad of all.

Far too many men these days abandon their responsibilities and their children. We need to recognize the real men who step up to the plate, every day choosing to do what’s right. Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there who work hard and sacrifice to support their families.

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
1 Timothy 5:8


  1. Many regrets I do have,but praise God I was and am a good Father.(according to my children, not self promotion.
    You mentioned instilling a good work ethic, so very important in all aspects of life.
    My Dad has been dead for many many years,he was always there and I'm sure did the best he knew. A totally different era of parenting. A role more as a provider than anything because that's what he knew. Hence again back to work ethic.

    I thank God for my son and son in law ,they are great Dads to my five grandchildren, 3 and 2 respectively.
    Cherish your Dad and I know you do. He's a good man. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Fathers Day. In JESUS name

  2. Your dad is a great man! I always enjoy coming out and visiting your parents!

  3. Me again. My heartfelt prayers to All Fathers out there(Moms too) Especially those estranged from their children. We may not always agree or get along,but isn't what forgiveness is all about.Imagine if "OUR HEAVENLY FATHER" had not forgiven us.
    Pretty scary. Blessings again to you and yours.

  4. Your father sounds wonderful and set you a good example. I hate to think what will happen to the many children nowadays who don't know their father. Times, they are a changing--and not for the better. Your story brought mist to my eyes. Visiting from UBC:

  5. Great post. I wish people would take being a dad more seriously. I work hard to raise my kids the way my dad raised me!

  6. Awesome dad you have there. Yes more men should step up to the plate for their kids regardless of circumstances its so important to be a part of raising kids to become productive in their life

  7. i too have the best dad in the world. he was my cheerleader when i was growing up. he encouraged me and believed in me. i am forty six and his positive words of encouragement are still in me and a part of me.

  8. This doesn't really pertain to this post, but sort of felt compelled to share it.(I like to believe it is the urging of the HOLY SPIRIT)I truly think it is. Romans 12:1-21
    Heartfelt blessings to you and yours...
    Continually praying for us all,in JESUS name


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