Sunday, September 8, 2013

The 10 Commandments of the #Kissers #Myths

When I was a senior in high school (1990-1991 school year), some worldly boys created a pamphlet titled, "The Ten Commandments of the Kissers." During lunch one day, they distributed these pamphlets around the cafeteria. I never saw the document, but I heard about its contents - including some indecent drawings. Here are a couple of the myths that circulated when I was in the group about Follower practices:

  1. "You have to marry your cousin." In truth, that is not a requirement, but if the group continues, there may eventually be no other options. The group does allow second cousins to marry (this is legal in Oregon, while many states allow first cousins to marry) - and some do choose a second or third cousin.  
  2. "Everyone gets a free car on their 16th birthday." I thought this was a funny one. Most of the boys worked hard and saved up to buy a nice car when they turned sixteen. Therefore, most of the teens from our group had nice cars. Someone started a rumor that there was a lot of cars in the back parking lot of the church and when a kid turned sixteen, they got to take their pick.
There were far more rumors - but many are too risque (and also untrue) to reprint.

Readers: do you have any "myths" to share? Share them in the comments and see if other readers say they're true or false.


  1. Hmmmm....I can't think of any myths to share...I wish I could! I just woke up from a nap, so feel a little groggy :-)

    Sleep myths! Here's one: everyone needs 8 hours a sleep a night.

    I wish I only needed 5 or 6, but I'm one of those people who needs 8 hours. But I still don't believe all people need 8 hours a night.

    Stay true to you,

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    I think the only myth I can remember is that you can get pregnant by kissing. hat's one that we are happy about being a myth. Wow, can you imagine how many baby's we would have then? LOL!

    I am from UBC, so nice to meet you. Come and visit me some time

    Namaste with Unity "Love" Consciousness,
    Wendy Baudín
    Self-Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide

  3. Curious how people mock or ridicule things
    they don't understand or are afraid of.
    Or maybe should say "Sad but True". If ignorance is bliss
    they must have been ecstatic.

  4. The only instance of misinformation about the FOC that I can recall and that I feel could rightly be call a myth (as opposed to guesswork and conjecture) was an explanation for the term "kisser" being stated as fact as being because each and every church service (supposedly) included a priest in long robes who wore a big sacred ring on one hand, and the whole congregation had to kneel at his feet and kiss the ring.

    The funny thing is that some of the guesswork and conjecture that people did about the FOC has largely turned out to be true, such as that the congregation wasn't supposed to seek medical care, that outsiders would not be welcomed to church services if anyone dared attend one, and so on.

    I think the big shocker for me was that the congregation was told that we were all going to Hell and that the church made no outreach for purposes of salvation to the lost despite every Christian's obligation to fulfill the Great Commission, so I surmise that myths existed on both sides of the informational gap...

  5. Mmm each to their own I guess. All myths need to be taken with a pinch of salt!


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