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The Prophesies of Walter White

December 7, 1947
“Ye are the sons and daughters of the most high God. Be faithful! Be faithful!”

June 21, 1951
“Yea, yea, yea. These words are truth. Take heed! Take heed! Beware! I come in the clouds with power and glory.”

April 17, 1952
“Oh, my brethren, my brethren. Hear these words. They will judge you in the last day, when I come!”

June 6, 1953
“Ye are the sons and daughters of the most High God. Be faithful, be faithful and you will live again.”

March 7, 1954
“Yea, yea, yea my brethren, my brethren. Pay heed unto these words.”

February 6, 1955
“My children, my children! Be faithful be faithful until I come and you will live forever and ever!”

July 25, 1955
“My children, my children! Be faithful, be faithful in my word until I come again and you will live forever and ever!”

November 27, 1955
“Ye are the children of the most High God. Be faithful ‘till I come and you will live forever and ever.”

August 5, 1956
“Yea, my children, my children! Be faithful, be faithful and you will live forever and ever!”

October 7, 1956
“Yea, my brethren! Be faithful to the word of God (or to these words) and you will live forever and ever!”

November 4, 1956
“My children my children! Awake to righteousness!”

February 14, 1957
“Yea, my brethren, be faithful to the word and you shall live forever and ever!”

June 16, 1957
“Yea, my people, my people. Be faithful till I come and you will live forever and ever!”

September 5, 1957
“Yea, my brethren. Be faithful, be faithful and you will live forever and ever!”

June 26, 1958
“I am Jesus of Nazareth. Behold I come! Be careful to maintain good works!”
March 19, 1959
“Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be!”

May 10, 1959
“Yeah, my brethren. Be faithful, be faithful! In my father’s house are many mansions!”

January 10, 1960
“I am Jesus, the light of the world. Be faithful to my word and you will wear a crown of everlasting life!”

November 13, 1960
“I am Jesus. I am Jesus! Be faithful to my word and you will live forever.”

March 19, 1961
“Yea. I am Jesus and I walk in the midst of the churches. Be faithful to my word and you will live forever.”

April 2, 1961
“Yea. I am Jesus of Nazareth. Be faithful to my word and you will live forever and ever!”

July 16, 1961
“My children, my children. Be faithful to my word and you will live forever and ever!”

February 8, 1962
“Yea, my brethren. Be faithful, be faithful until I come and you will live forever and ever!”

June 9, 1963
“Behold, I come quickly! Be faithful, be faithful and live forever and ever.”

April 11, 1965
“Behold, I come quickly! Be faithful, be faithful until I come.”

March 26, 1967
“Behold! Behold! Behold! I come in the clouds and every eye shall behold me and they that pierced me shall wail because of me!”

July 21, 1968
“Behold, I come in the clouds! Be faithful, be faithful until I come!”


  1. The words of these are mostly harmless, but most people who heard these at the time claim to have "felt something." That something is described by them as the power of God. When Walter did this it effectively gave him a lot of power because people believed that was Jesus speaking directly through Walter. When someone believes that Jesus can be heard out loud, who needs a bible?, just listen to Jesus, through Walter. I believe these played a big part in people there making Walter to be god-like. So when Walter claimed the end of time, everyone believed him. Walter could have said just about anything and people would have believed it. I do not believe Walter intentionally sought out god-like status. It was often told that he would say "I am just a man". It appears he sensed what was happening, but it took hold too strong and many people still hold him as god-like today.

  2. I've never witnessed prophesy, but was told of it happening in the Marsing FOC. I don't doubt prophesy, but unless you're there, and "feel it" like I'm sure would happen if I witnessed it, it really isn't for you is it? I'm just asking questions here, not jabbing, accusing, or anything. I'm seriously inquiring to those that HAVE experienced it, isn't it for those that are present when it happens?
    I was called on the phone when it happened in Marsing, and everyone who talked to me about it was overjoyed about it. I shared in their excitement, but was brought back down to earth by someone else telling me unless I witnessed it and were there, that I shouldn't take someone else's word for it. Is that correct to think?
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. What is the mans name who spoke in prophesy in Idaho?

    2. There were several who spoke in Idaho...Vern Baldwin,George White and several others I heard over the years...Those 2 stand out more than the others.

    3. George and Vern were untill the early 70's.Then Junior Porter untill the early 2000.And currently I'am told that Don Eells now holds the position of prophet at Marsing.Maybe someone could correct me if I'am wrong. I personly have not heard any of these men at the time they spoke.But when they spoke it was normally wrote down and was alot like that wich Suzi had posted here real short and to the point I spose for the purpose of comfort it seems. Their could infact be others at Marsing now that I'am not aware of.

    4. I witnessed all of these men when they spoke..except Don Eells

  3. That's a strong point Maggie, I think we need to see it for ourselves to be inspired by it. You receive faith through preaching, not the legends of a great preacher.

  4. It seems to me that they are simple messages that can be found in the bible such as...

    “Behold, I come in the clouds! Be faithful, be faithful until I come!”

    My opinion is that the message was irrelevant and people were mostly impressed by the perceived "power". When that person called you from Marsing, I would guess that they were not telling you the message as much as telling you that it happened, which to them, proved that God was with them, and proved that if God is with them, they are the right church. If Jesus was really speaking through that preacher, then those words would likely be for everyone.

    When that preacher in Idaho spoke in prophecy, people have likely esteemed him much higher because of it. The message does not matter as much as the belief that he has the power and gift of prophecy. This gives the man authority and power over the church members, which is natural since they believe Jesus is speaking directly through him.

    Jesus spoke a very long time ago and those words are for everyone. When someone claims today that Jesus is speaking through them, that should rightly be questioned.

    1. It wasn't the Idaho preacher that spoke in prophesy. I'm not sure, but he was maybe a deacon.

  5. With all due respect, the bible says that Christians should be 'as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves'. It also says to (test and) 'prove all things'. In other words, the proof is in the pudding - so how many of WW's prophecies have proven to be accurate?
    In all the reading I've done on this blog, two possibilities keep popping up in regards to the man. One is that he could have been a con man, selling snake oil to innocent sojourners who didn't need cures at all. The other is that he was for real, and that perhaps through faith God will cleanse FOC members of his tendency towards personalized biblical interpretation, and that the events now occurring are part of that process. In either event, I think his flock are innocent of all but naivety and belief in a very charismatic man, which is all too often the peril of the bride of Christ in a hostile world, and as pardonable as it was to Eve in her time of unknowing error. The difference is that Eve handed to Adam the fruit that caused the world to fall to its curse, where the bride of Christ hands over the tools of her own destruction, and Christ gives her life and sustenance and makes all things new.
    Through all of this, the bible says to be joyful. Everything is happening just as it was intended. The word 'gospel' means 'good news'. Prophecy is just a small part of the big picture, and always causes some to marvel and some to disclaim and many to doubt and speculate.
    Test and prove all things.

    1. As proclaimed by one of the church administrators wives, "we're not Christians, we're Followers". True story. That's why the "Christian rules" no longer apply to this group. 3/4 of the Bible has been ripped out, then replaced with "Walter saids".(Walter said this, Walter said that). It's impossible to "follow", don't feel bad for not being able to keep up. Just when you think you've got a handle on what the right answer is to a given question, someone ripps the carpet out from under you. They contradict each other, argue, then someone proclaims themselves superior for hearing Walter preach for the longest.

  6. When things are tested they need to be compared against something. For most Christians that is the bible. For prophecies foretelling the future it could be whether or not the event comes to past. Walter's prophecies did not typically predict the future, except for his end of time dream, which even he qualified by saying throw it out if it does not come to past.

    When things are "tested" at the FOC in Oregon City, they are typically compared against what Walter said, believed, thought and did. For many, especially the older generation, Walter was the measure of truth. For most people this means that he could make no mistakes and whatever he said was considered true because he was the measure of truth for many people.

  7. Very interesting topic
    What I am intrested in is how one is to become a child of God. Is one born into being a child of God? Is it pre destination? Some simply are and some are not? So how dose one get into Jesus?

  8. What does the bible teach on how to become a child,son or daughter,chrildren, brothers of god. Dose one need to make a decision? Is it a right? Can one work there way there? Will god have a way to get there then make it impossible to achieve that goal? Will god have made a way to be a son or daughter then not make it possible to achieve it? I think I want to become a son or daughter. I want to be counted among his sheep. But how can one achieve this? Is it passed from father to son? Is it to belong to a geographic location? Can one be born into that position? Can one simply attend a building to achieve this? Can you be born holy? Because if one can be a child of god than I want that. What is said in the scriptures on these matters. There has to be a way to achieve this. If there is not a way than Christ died in vane. Is it church attendance? Is it good works? I just want the promise that Peter gives of heaven. God does not change. He does not lie. He can not give a promise than take it back. All the theories on this must align with scripture. There is no other way to measure truth by. The bible must be used as a yard stick or measuring tape to measure all truth by. Let god be true and all men be Liers.

    1. 1st of all. God's signature is not in the bible. Why do men think they have to question God? Have holy wars in the name of god, etc. Seems to me, that way too many people blame god for everything. Or they go to the extreme opposite, and basically ask god to tie their shoes; because they are to lazy, scared, or for what ever reason to do it for themselves. If you want GOD in your life, you might try asking him! Tie your own shoes!
      Signing my name because I am not afraid to.


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