Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thanks for the Love!

I sincerely appreciate ALL of the people who read and comment on this blog – particularly the guest bloggers who add more depth and perspective than I could ever hope to do alone. This week, I am away at a writing retreat on the beautiful Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire. In my absence, I want to honor and say thanks to the readers of this blog by reprinting some of my favorite comments.

Your positive comments have given me encouragement to keep going – so a sincere thank you to each and every one of you who has sent me emails off-line, made comments in person, and to the people who write kind and positive comments on this blog.

Of course, the less-loving commenters are also a huge motivation to me. They keep me in line and help to ensure that what I write is accurate. On Sunday I will post some of the negative, accusatory comments, but for today please enjoy a nice, calm stroll down memory lane ….

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I want more!!! on Why I Married a Stranger

I think your story is so fascinating, and I love how you write about it. on Kissers & Worldly People

brings back memories. on Kissers & Worldly People

These are amazing!! Thanks for sharing your story with us. on I am a Kisser

Another 'wow'! I am really enjoying the unfolding of your story, Suzi. on I am a Kisser


Suzanne - Let me know when the book comes out. Really enjoy your story, especially as I am one of the "outsiders", an OC kid from the start and even today (50 years later). Very interesting reading about a "Follower" from one who was within. Keep up the good work (and thank God you went on to go to college and follow your dream). on I'll Drink the Cool-Aid!

Wow, Suzi. I am so intrigued by your story and would love to hear more. on Dogs & Swine

I graduated from OC High the same year you were born and there were a number of Followers in school then although they didn't mingle at all. I am finding your blog very informative and it is answering many questions I've had about the church. Maybe you can answer this in a future post but I am curious what the church services are like if there is no minister and no new religious teaching going on. on Why People Stay

I think those of us from Oregon City find this information brings us comfort. We all went to school with FOS members and you either seemed scary to us or we could not understand how to be your friend. As a mom I do not believe that anyone would for no reason allow their child to die. You are changing the views of many Suzi and maybe that is your calling from God.

I look forward to reading each and every one of your post. As a person that grew up in Oregon City and was "school" friends with several from the FOC church I have always had many curiosities on "why" people do what they do or "why" they believe what they believe. I remember you from school as you are only a year younger than me. Back then I really don't recall stories of children dying, but I very much remember the story of TC dying at if I recall correctly the ripe age of maybe 28 or so. Young none the less with a beautiful wife and two young boys whom literally had to watch their father die over many agonizing months from something that could have easily been helped. I got angry then. Why would he let himself wither away and die like that? How could he let his children see him suffer and die under their very own eyes, how does anyone justify that? Now with all the news over the past few years of children dying and now having children of my own I find it incredibly on Why People Leave

ok when will we get to read your memoirs? i want a copy. i feel like i might be the only guy that follows your blog. But i have grown up around followers and i love to read about the things we never get to hear about. Ok so now for my questions, do you still know any of the members or were you shunned for leaving? What made the rest of your family leave the church? How do you feel about the couple that has recently been in the news? I remember that they were found guilty, but i dont remember what the charges were. i went to school with them and i have to be honest,and as i dont agree i feel for them. Finally how do you think this will affect the church and the members. onGuest Blogger, Karin, Home Birth

Suzanne, Way to go, girl! I've really appreciated your giving us a glimpse into the world of the Followers of Christ. You're a lovely woman. Thank you. on Control Measures

Keep up the good work Suzanne. Sunlight is a good disinfectant. It would probably surprise many in the FOC to know that your blog has actually made me more sympathetic to those who are trapped there. on Control Measures

Thank you so much for continuing to write your blog and educate so many of us that grew up with the Followers but never truly knew them. You have definitely hit a nerve with some people and I applaud you for speaking out. on Control Measures

Suzi, you put these things into words so well. I admire your depth of knowledge. It has to be questioned why the FOC doesnt get the results that the Bible promises. If they're following it so perfectly, why all the dead people? Older folks I can understand, but you would think that there would be better results with the children. Do they believe it literally, like as in call the elders of the church? on Signs of the True Believer

I always love, love, love reading your blogs. What a fascinating world. Thank you for sharing! on Signs of the True Believer


I cant wait to buy your book :) on Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1

I'm so excited that you are doing a book!!!! Good for you! on Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1

I like how you write about your experiences with your former church and the reasonings behind it while defending the choices of those who still remain. Very nice post. :) on Why People Stay

Thank you Suzi for being so honest about the followers. Don't let them get to you, please continue to write.. No one is losing interest, trust me. If anything you have MANY eyes waiting for the next blog. on The Calling of the Prophets

Loved your blog post. So proud of defending yourself against the nay sayers. So easy to say anything anonymously. As we know. on The Calling of the Prophets

I'm impressed by you, Suzi. Keep going. on Control Measures

As one of the anonymous posted above, your blog has also made me much more sympathetic to Followers. I am sad that they are so misinformed. As for your blog, you can hold your head up high, Suzi. You exude integrity. I have noticed that you are very careful to say what you experienced directly and what you have been told. on Control Measures

Suzanne, I am so amazed and impressed by your writing, and by your poise and maturity in the responses to these cowards. With every word you share with us, I hope you know that you are adding to the enlightenment and entertainment of your fans. I have shared your blog with my friends and family, and we all look forward to every post. Thank you for sharing your experiences and talent. on Control Measures

It is sad that they feel the need to insult you and your parents. I, for one, am glad you write these so that we might better understand why things are the way they are. I actually find that I have a kinder view rather then the opposite. on Control Measures

I look up to you for being so honest and doing what your heart told you to do. I have grown up with all the Followers I pray they will learn to rethink the ways they have been taught. I keep thinking of all those little babies who have died and could have been alive today being able to breath the fresh air they never had a chance. on Control Measures

What a great accomplishment this will be for you! My thoughts and prayers are with you on this endeavor! I would love to read it someday! ;) Tanya on W.I.P.

Suzi, just want to encourage to stay strong and continue speaking the truth. on The Calling of the Prophets

Losing interest! If this gets any more interesting they're going to make a prime time tv drama out of it. What in the world is the problem with the comment that this person quoted. I've seen nothing but respect shown to a theology that deserves none. Of course that's just judging from the comments posted here, and the precession of members getting thrown in jail. All of the disrespect and no doubt untrueths leveled here were directed at you and your parents. on The Calling of the Prophets

I for one think you are WONDERFUL AND SPEAK THE TRUTH those who think your not are only those who are trying to cover the truth.. Keep up those great work. For those of us who have lived in Oregon City all our lives no your doing the right thing. Your living your life the way the Lord wanted. You love your family. Those who believe in this Church will keep on doing what they want they have been BRAINED WASHED AND NO NOTHING ELSE. One generation after another keep on getting brained washed. Keep on giving us more information, we love it and we no you do speak the truth not hiding it. on The Calling of the Prophets

Very powerful, Suzi. on Still Coasting

All I can say is WOW, so much going on in my little town. Thank you for sharing and showing us who knew so many of these people the truth. As a child I do remember the Followers sending their kids to school when they had illness that should have kept them at home. I remember kids getting in car accidents someone from the Church would set their bones and they wouldn't be able to walk right again. I remember the kids from this Church were very nice but were not allowed to do anything with non church members.Now I know why. The Church did not want the kids to know the lies they were living. I find it sad to think that so many people have been brain washed in to believing a man like Mr. White . Makes me wonder if he thought he was a super hero of some kind. How can anyone become so much in control of a flock of sheep? What is even more sad is the fact the brain washing has been going on for years and years, each family doing it over and over and over again. They think they on Full of Faith and Scared to Death

It looks like some eyes are FINALLY being opened at FOC . They wouldn’t be attacking the truth that you are writing if they weren’t. Keep up the GOOD work. on Still Coasting

Wow Suzi! That is utterly beautiful! My heart is rejoicing as you share this testimony in what Jesus did to transform you. God is good! onOn The Mat

This blog is causing awareness, it's only confusing to find out that everything you've been told all your life is contrary to the true nature of Religion. It's confusing to become aware that despite your truest, best efforts, you're falling short of your goal of earning salvation, it can't be earned. on Darren Russell: Why I Choose Not To Use Physicians

I thought I knew Suzie pretty well back in the day. She seemed a little off to me, not stupid so much as off. Now I realize it was because she was operating with half her brain tied behind her back. If she had spoke on the subjects that she's talking about now, she would've been treated as a pariah. She was trying to be a good follower, a little too quiet, not someone to say just the right thing all of the time, and when she did, it wasn't always what you wanted to hear. BUT, I can also say That I NEVER knew her to be a bad, or immoral person, and it's a little too transparent that she's all of the sudden a horrible, immoral person? Now that she's shedding light on a subject you'd rather was never brought up. Pitiful! on Darren Russell: Why I Choose Not To Use Physicians

i agree. suzi has always spoke her mind. that does not make her off unless you are in a very conservative group. suzi makes mistakes but she is not immoral. she is a very loving and giving woman. she believes christ is her savior as he is everyones. she has a beautiful soul and would not hurt anyone intentionally. suzi, you are a courageous woman for writing and creating this blog. you set a good example for your daughter and other women to follow. it is good to tell the truth. it is good to speak up when there is wrong. christians have had to do that since jesus was on this earth. on Darren Russell: Why I Choose Not To Use Physicians

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