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Full of Faith and Scared to Death

In reading the letters I have recently published and the discussions that followed, I have come to question my long-held belief that the church was “right” up until Walter died. I don’t know. I wasn’t alive in those days. But, I’ve decided to give Ernest Nichols a closer look – having been led to believe all my life that Ernest was a bad, bad man. So, on Wednesday, I will publish a transcript of one of Ernest’s sermons. For today, please take in the last letter from the Tommy series (there may be more letters, and if I come across any more, I will publish them later).

e·pis·tle   [ih-pis-uhl]
1. a letter, especially a formal or didactic one; written communication.
2. usually initial capital letter ) one of the apostolic letters in the new testament.
3.often initial capital letter ) an extract, usually from one of the Epistles of the New Testament, forming part of the Eucharistic service in certain churches.

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Look at the people who backed the elders and Ernest Nichols the last 30 years. D., K.H., K.W., plus many more. These three backed Riley Keith over Freeman Smith to Let D.N. walk his daughter up the church isle. They wanted me to choose sides. I told them no sides, do what is right. If not, it’s wrong.

Walter White rejected D.N.. He saw him as a person with no spirit of God in him. Freeman was saying it is wrong to allow this wedding.  Riley was saying it is okay. These three men backed Riley. Dorothy (Walter’s widow) said to some of us that she feared for D. for what he was backing – Riley Keith and not Walter.

They all wanted to reject Freeman Smith. K.H.’s life was cut short. K.W. left after a Jezebel Whore (?), because of backing the wrong thing. There was a meeting held at D.’s home on this matter. Also look about you people in this church who went along with the elders over what Walter White taught and preached. Look how it was established. The gunk didn’t [told?] of a preacher, just go along and be happy and don’t go to Hell.

Like Walter said and I believe it, “They pushed me to the ocean and I am not going any farther. They can either believe what I preached or go along with the Gunk of Ernest Nichols and the elders and go to Hell with it. If people only knew and read their Bibles or remember what Walter White believed and preached. This church is privately being taught by disciples who are D., N.B., and whoever goes along with their lies and deceit and changing the Word of God. They teach another doctrine than what they were baptized under and preached to.”

Like Walter said of D., “There he stands all full of faith and scared to death” (in other words, afraid to do the right thing). Like people will whisper and say things now like was told to me and others L.D. died and was heard to say D’s family were wrong in that they went along with the elders and made peace not to withstand them anymore and be a peacemaker.

Those who went along with the elders sold out to their doctrine and gunk over Walter who preached against that kind of religion. Rejected brethren for what he stood for all these years. Proof is for 30 years they don’t even talk of Walter White, who said when he was baptizing in this church in 1968, when your children were 6 years old they will be alright when the end of time comes in 1972. But now we have gone 30 years without asking for a preacher.

Walter said the fullness of the gentiles is in and without a preacher it surely is. The gentiles will be cut off and no hope for baptism unless God send a preacher. So your children with your lies and gunk are now 40 years old. They will be judged without the church. They are gentiles. Read the word of God. Don’t take my word for it. Teach those young people Walter lied to this church. No he never lied. He was a man of God. He was honest and truthful. All men are liars, but not God and his apostles.

Everyone after 30 years got to read an epistle reminding this church of what happened  and what Walter preached. Because one man remembered and wrote it down, Tom Nichols.  This letter was like a missile – it shot down all of us who were teachings something else and followed after the elders and their gunk and not following what Walter White preached and taught the truth to this church.

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  1. HI
    The more I see the more I am sure this is a CULT. I understand the concept of freedom of believing in who you want but this is way out.. Its called CONTROLLING others rights. Rev White was someone who believe he was the man to lead and choose what he thought was right for others. I am seeing more and more by what I am reading that he had a problem ,it was he believe in what he thought was true he was a SICK MAN. So sad that he made so many many follow in his foot steps, its to bad we can't send him to jail to think about the deaths he caused by his believes that he past on to others. I know we all must be accountable for what we have done when we meet our maker makes me wonder where he is now??? I think of all the children that have died because of him . I am and will always be upset with this Church. It needs to be banned and learn what life is all about. Not standing by watching someone DIE.

    Susie your my HERO, you have been telling the truth that so many of us have known for years.

    God loves you and he know you are a good person, you have no lied. God Bless you

  2. Suzanne
    When I read these letters you have posted. By Tom,and others. The aspect that is missing is Jesus Christ. We hear about this so called profit or apostle of God Walter white. But through the reading of these letters Jesus Christ is not mentioned. Do you know, or any one else know if Christ was taught there? It appears that theses people idolized a man rather than Jesus.whether by his will or the people's I do not know? Maybe this Walter tried like Paul to stop it In I cor 1:12? Is that what is taught by paul? He was trying to put a stop to men or breathern worshiping him, rather than the focus on Jesus Christ. In Paul's time there were people saying I am followers of this guy or that guy, but tried to correct them on this. I am just asking the question did this Walter white preach Jesus Christ? Who he was and what he did for the world. I realize that by your accounts your path did not cross this Walter whites path but you did grow up in this fashion that was taught by this man. If anyone from this church with the knowledge of this could answer this. Maggie wrote in an earlier post what I believe is the gospel message in a nut shell. This young lady that is close to your age who was not there when Walter white was there. And has the grasp of what the bible was preached for and why Christ came to earth for. But in earlier posts you were accused of not knowing about the doctrines of tho foc ,because you were young when you left. So I guess my question is was Christ ever preached at the foc or was it preached fear Walter or those in authority. Was God taught as to be a father who is in heaven just waiting to bring the hammer down on you,waiting for you to step out of line, or as the father as Jesus taught like the prodigal son. From the letters that are posted it just makes me wonder what was taught by there men of GOD. Or was it a case of sound teaching falling on deaf ears. Can anyone respond?

    1. While I did not know Walter, I DO know and regularly speak with people who spent time with Walter, outside of church. Walter, they tell me, said often, "I will always have a preacher, but when I'm dead, you will not, unless you pray for one."

      To answer your questions, Jesus - the savior - the good news, was not clear. Rules and fear and legalism were the substance of church and religion in my experience.

      You will see a different light when I publish the words of Ernest Nichols. Jesus and grace and the gospel - pretty surprising and progressive compared with the understanding I grew up with. Some have suggested that Ernest's focus on grace may have been a point of contention.

    2. Suzanne, I would take a different angle upon Earnest's preaching, it was not progressive as much as what you grew up under was perhaps regressive. I have an interesting account of some Mormon elders who in December of 1894 attempted to preach to a group that was mainly composed of Followers near Hennessey, Oklahoma. The Followers after hearing them out opposed "Old Joe Smith's dogmas" with, "The old law has been entirely done away, and we have the 'perfect law of liberty' grace are ye saved, by faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast."

  3. Is that the gunk? GRACE!? Wow

  4. All I can say is WOW, so much going on in my little town. Thank you for sharing and showing us who knew so many of these people the truth.

    As a child I do remember the Followers sending their kids to school when they had illness that should have kept them at home.

    I remember kids getting in car accidents someone from the Church would set their bones and they wouldn't be able to walk right again.

    I remember the kids from this Church were very nice but were not allowed to do anything with non church members.Now I know why. The Church did not want the kids to know the lies they were living.

    I find it sad to think that so many people have been brain washed in to believing a man like Mr. White . Makes me wonder if he thought he was a super hero of some kind. How can anyone become so much in control of a flock of sheep?

    What is even more sad is the fact the brain washing has been going on for years and years, each family doing it over and over and over again. They think they are right just because mom and dad said so. We like to think our parents know best . I have a hard time understanding that because the parents did not know best they have shown its ok to let someone die and just sand there watching.

  5. It's the filth and corruption of the world that followers are avoiding, not fear of another opinion. The followers have a safe social situation, it may not be perfect but it does protect their kids. It does create a jealousy in school but that isn't the intention. There is a comfort in knowing your kids are safe.nobody is worried that the kids will be converted by talking to worldly people. They prefer their brother and that is what people don't understand.

    1. Then why do parents cast out children who do not believe? I was abused as a child and church men covered it up to protect the church. I was threatened if I spoke of the church in school. If you are not ashamed of your faith why not teach it to the world and spread the word instead of closing your doors?

  6. Safe from who or what in the foc. There was and is child molsters living there past and present. There is fornication past and present. There is adultery past and present. There is homosexual there past and present. There is drunkenness there young and old past and present. There is far to many deaths young and old. There is sin running ramped just like everywhere else in the world. You might want to not talk about it or whisper or hide it under a rug. But we all have sinned and come short of the glory of god. It's what you decide to do after you realize you need a savior. From the previous posts and comments that have been shared. There is no teaching no studies little or no decussion. All other churches are wrong. Even ones from other foc's and cotfb. So what are you protecting your children from? The doctors, the world and all it's filth. Well you have Made your own bone setting doctors practicing with out a license or training. The filth of the world. You have it all in your house right there in front of you. Are you saving them from the wrath of God? Let them learn of him, let them hear the word of god taught. Let them be baptized into Jesus Christ. That is the only way to protect them. It's your obglation to introduce them to Christ the lord and saviour. We all need Justus Christ to come in to our life that's the only one that's the only name that can save. The rest is just lip service.

    1. Why are people so offended that followers prefer their own? Do people not have the right to chose who they want to be with? People should not worry so much about a group that doesn't want your help.

  7. If you belong to the elks club, and prefer to be around other members that's great. You present yourself as a club , and act as a club. If you belong to a church, that claims to follow Christ, then when you don't, you may be called out on it. People aren't jealous of the fOC, they're confused by them, and sad for them missing out on the love of god, as the rest of his children enjoy it.

  8. For Anon March 20, 12:32am: we are not offended by the fact that the followers <----(of what, I'm not sure) prefer "their own" that attend the singing, weddings, showers, parties, births, deaths, trials, funerals, etc. But WHO is "their own?" not sisters...mine do not choose their own sister. Not brothers...not aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents,PARENTS even. You're referring to them choosing "bodies" that sit on the wooden benches, open their song books and mostly sing, attend, give ($), <---- or TVs, homes, cars, whatever, but they can do whatever they want and still attend and you "have to do" with them. They can go to other churches in secret, but once found out...they're excommunicated. They can drink, do drugs, go to Drs, fellowship with the world, swear, fornicate, (basically sin) <----but wait!! We (humans) ALL sin! So what makes them "different" than me? Well...for one, I have the Holy Spirit living in me. I have been redeemed from my sin, washed by the blood of the lamb. Do you know who/what that is? The Lamb is Jesus. Jesus Christ's blood is what washes one clean, and Anon...that is the difference between me and some that attend the building in OC. I have been forgiven, given eternal life and will see Jesus face to face with gladness. You can choose your right who you want to be with. Me...I choose Jesus. I want to be with Jesus!


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