Sunday, October 27, 2013

Undiagnosed #Autism and #Aspergers - I am NOT concerned

Have you seen these stats being passed around social media sites? I have, but I'm not as concerned as some. Let me explain.

I doubt that the statistics for autism have risen as drastically as many claim. I say this because there are millions of adults who have high-functioning autism (known as Asperger's Syndrome) who were never diagnosed as kids. That's because the awareness of this was not known. In fact, Asperger's Syndrome was not added to the DSM until 1994. Now, Asperger's has been removed and falls under the umbrella of autism. 

Do you know an adult who is odd? Rude without meaning to be? Blurts things out inappropriately? Someone who seems to alienate people and has no clue as to why? Someone who can't stand certain noises, textures, wearing socks, etc.? Chances are you know plenty of people with undiagnosed autism.

The majority of people with Asperger's Syndrome are brilliant, talented, and highly knowledgeable. You will find them working as engineers or other specialists where brains count more than social skills.

I am concerned about America's unhealthy foods, GMOs, I am concerned about obese and sedentary children, food allergies, and asthma. I am concerned about the severe form of autism. But about the increase in the diagnoses of autism? I am not concerned. I am thrilled that we are able to recognize this and help those affected.

I am relieved that someone who is different, odd, or socially inept can be helped and acknowledged. How great to give this constant struggle an actual diagnoses.

For so many of the adults who grew up living with parents and teachers and peers who called them names and blamed them for things they could not control. For all the isolation and self-hatred this has engendered in them. I am thankful for the increase in diagnoses.


  1. My husband is a huge JerryLee Lewis fan. He says if JLL had been born today they would have put him on medication and we'd have never heard of him...I think he's right...great post...

  2. No, Suzanne I have not seen all ot the stats, however thanks for sharing them. I do have a friend who's adult son has Asperger's Syndrome. The characteristics you shared is true. I totally agree, America's food is very unhealthy. In my humble opinion it is our job as parents to make sure our children consume healthy food, and receive regular amounts of exercise. You did a great job creating awareness about Asperger's Syndrome in this article.

  3. I don't think undiagnosed is the problem, it's called misdiagnosed.

  4. Suzi, thank you for writing this. My own son has Aspergers that went misdiagnosed as ADHD, so now we're dealing with it. They are just as gifted in their own way and the rest of this - one only has to look at Christopher Chik to see that in action.

  5. As a Christian, I am all for GMO's. I want to feed the hungry and make the blind see. With GMO crops, this has been and can be done!

    A seed can be genetically altered to grow in poor soil conditions with a greater yield in places like Africa where we have thousands of children dying from hunger every day. I do know civil war is a root cause of much of the famine in Africa, but if food could be grown on the soil of the region, then warlords wouldn't be able to control the populace as well by controlling the import and distribution of food.

    The blind see? Yes GMO's have done that! Over a million women and children die or are blinded by Vitamin A deficiency. The newest crop of "Golden Rice" has been bred to combat the deaths and defects that vitamin A deficiency causes.

    Golden Rice does reduce biodiversity of rice in some regions, but I'm sure a mother in India would choose to feed her child a less diverse rice and get enough to eat, get to live and have eyes that see.

    Just as I would rely on medical science to save my child from illness or accident, I would trust food science to help my starving or nutritionally deficient child. I see no difference. Why is one science O.K. and another evil? Because your child is not likely to face the threat of nutritional deficiency or starvation in America?


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