Sunday, November 3, 2013

Praying for Oregon City

I was planning to write a post about thankfulness today. But I've been seeing posts from Facebook friends about the day's events in Oregon City. 

A policeman was shot in the face when responding to a house fire, neighbors were evacuated, and residents received reverse 9-1-1 calls instructing them to stay inside.

So, to anyone who reads this message: please pray for the safety of the residents of Oregon City.

To read more about this story, you can follow this link: Oregon City Officer Shot.


  1. Such a tragedy...
    What a brutal reminder of how our first responders
    risk their lives for us everyday. We (at least I) so often loose sight of this.
    May our prayers and The Lords mercy be with all involved.
    Victims and perpetrators. In JESUS name.

  2. I believe the house involved was once the home of a FOC family many years ago.

  3. Here's a great cause for you to get behind. Stop allowing the children of this religious cult to die as a result of their parents withholding basic medical treatment in favor of prayer. Please join the rest of the nation in passing laws so this kind of thing will no longer happen. There are children depending on you!

  4. An update to this story: sadly the officer did not make it.


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