Sunday, November 10, 2013

What Does the Tea Party (TCOT) Have in Common With the Church?

We're stronger together - but apparently humans just can't stay united behind a cause. I'm certainly not a member of the Tea Party - though I mutually follow many of these folks on twitter. Apparently they're losing influence because of factions. Sounds like the Christian church - so many pet religions: Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, And that doesn't even include those far-outside-the-norm factions: Mormons and the other door-knockers, the Jehovah's Witnesses. 

How can the Gospel be interpreted so differently by so many? Imagine how influential Christians could be if we were all united!

The Followers of Christ are similar in this regard. I'm not talking about all the in-fighting and disagreements over doctrine (such that there is - watered down and handed down and altered to fit the most influential / bullies). I'm talking about the different FOC churches. The four Idaho FOC churches, which do not get along with each other. The Oregon City FOC, which believes it is the only group of true believers and that the Idaho groups are worse than worldly people. 

As far as I know the sister religion, The Church of the Firstborn, is far more accepting of both newcomers and other COFB believers.

This week, I heard a rumor that another Oregon City FOC baby had died - last name of Eells. Turns out that baby was from one of the Idaho groups - a large portion of which have the same surnames as the Oregon City group. Relatives who haven't spoken in lifetimes.

What are the effects of the divisions and fractures in groups, faiths, even political parties? Are we stronger together? How can so many people think differently from each other and still be convinced all others are wrong?


  1. A very interesting & thought provoking post!

  2. Interesting! I haven't heard of either of the "denominations" that you mentioned, but I agree with the petty divisions in the Church. I wish everyone would just read the Bible and do what it says. Jesus made it pretty clear how to live as a believer! :-)

  3. Well, you know where my tea party sympathies lie (they're losing influence because they're unreasonable, not necessarily because they're wrong), but you make an interesting point: we can't all be right. We could all be wrong, but we can't all be right.

  4. My favorite commandment is to 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' - Mark 12:31. This really is just so "simple" If everyone would just do this, everything would work together accordingly in the spirit of love and light.
    Healthy blessings

  5. Kristin hit it on the head....To me the basis is John 3:16. AS believers or for me personally. the Bible is the inspired word of GOD.
    We walk by faith not by sight. The splintering and bickering in the Christian community I feel is a harbinger of what is to come. The demise of any great civilization is directly tied to their moving away from Christ.
    The Tea Party ,The FOC, The Mormons (a cult) Jehovah witness (a cult) or any other denomination I'm sure sincerely feel they are right. They will have an eternity to contemplate that in HELL.
    UNLESS A MAN BE BORN AGAIN HE SHALL NOT SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD...Pretty simple, you believe it or you don't. What does your heart tell you?

  6. Great post. I think about this often. Well said.


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