Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Keepsakes From the F.O.C.

I have a lot of good memories from my childhood and young adulthood with the Followers. I also have several momentos of this time in my life - mostly in the form of photographs, which would upset far too many folks if I published them. So, here are some objects I've held onto throughout the years:

Medical Abstinence Alert Bracelet:
"Suzanne M. Shumaker, Route 2 Box 380, Beavercreek, Oregon
632-6736, FOLLOWERS, Kin - Alton C"

In 1986, when church services were reduced to the singing of 10 hymns, church women got together to craft these lovely personalized song book covers.
I wasn't supposed to decorate my book...

A Song Book without a cover
Mom wrote down the key Bible verses that our church followed and other "worldly" churches disregarded, that White pointed out - such as the Holy Kiss and the Signs of the True Believer

My favorite souvenirs - church cookbooks. There are some delicious recipes in these two books - love the chicken pot pie from the 1989 book "Recipes from Friends." 


  1. brings back good memories.
    i love the cook books too.
    however, i never got a bracelet or even knew about the bracelets.
    i still have my song book. i loved singing and i still sing some of the songs in the song book when i need spiritually uplifted.

  2. Never heard about the bracelets either? When did you get yours?

    1. I guess I assumed everyone had them. My parents must've gotten them for us because the school nurse tried to give us shots. I was the 5th kid in my family to go through Beavercreek School and they still called me and were preparing to give me a shot (I was in first grade and didn't know what a shot was) and one of the office ladies stopped it at the last second.

    2. Whew! that was a close one! If she had got the needle in you would've went to hell for sure!

  3. Wonderful idea, Suzi. I love the personalized book covers. I'm sure a lot of love went into those. :)

  4. A long time ago when the Oc da first was communicating with the foc, there was talk of getting a DNR for adults. It is a do not resuscitate order that is filed with doctors, or carried in your person in the form of a bracelet? Necklace or whatever. Big talk, as though everyone was going to do this. It didn't happen. Many have been taken to the ER, after car accidents, whatever. You have to wonder how many were filed? If any, it wasn't many. So there is the resolve that you can expect from the foc members, none! They might as well file one for their wives and children, but not for themselves. Men get CDL physicals for themselves. They get the benefit of at least meager medical advise for themselves, but none for their families. No warning of high blood pressure, diabetes, anything. And if they get in an auto accident, they will allow medical treatment. But not for a trivial, but treatable deadly disease.

  5. suzi, as your sister it is odd that I never had a bracelet or even heard of them. i remember a lot. i would think i bracelet would be significant enough that i would have remembered. is it possible you got your bracelet after I left church in 87? does anyone else remember when the bracelets started being used? just curious.

  6. My family filled out the papers. They were called health care power of attorney. The problem is, they are not legally binding. Even with a signed one in place, first responders will try and save you and worry about the legalities later. IF you don't like the fact they saved your life, try going to court, I'm sure a jury would feel a lot of sympathy for you being alive! DNR are usually signed by a physician and are used in hospice or a hospital setting.


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