Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watch Your Fingers & Thumbs

Abstain from all appearance of evil.
1 Thessalonians 5:22

On Sunday's post about unconditional love, I posted a recent family picture. Because one of the members of my family requested that I take it down, I honored that request, but not before a reader noticed that I was supposedly flashing a "devil horns" hand signal.

Because I am not familiar with this particular sign, I had to do some research to understand what they were talking about. Most folks know that the hand sign posted below is sign language for "I love you." I do this with my kids all the time so I don't have to yell out embarrassing things that will make their friends laugh at them like, "Mommy loves you."

I Love You

But, I have found out that if you tuck the thumb away, the hand signal becomes "devil horns" as shown in the picture below. The devil horns are a popular sign in the Heavy Metal music culture. Now, I love all kinds of music - Country and Western, but I have never willingly listened to heavy metal. I don't like screaming "music" and I don't understand the lyrics. So, it's not surprising that I was not aware of this Metal music phenomena.

Devil Horns
 So to set the record straight: thank you Mr. Anonymous for introducing a new concept to me and the readers of this blog. It was something I didn't know about. And now it's something to watch out for: don't flash the "I love you" sign without your thumb!

Now for clarification, please check out this slice of the original photo, just showing me. You will notice that my middle finger is tucked into my pants pocket, my little finger is sticking out - something it tends to do, and my pointer and ring fingers are also out. I'm not sure if that is some evil sign - pointer, ring, and pinky fingers out, thumb and middle fingers tucked in; but, I am sure it's not a "devil horn."


  1. suzi, I agree that your hand and fingers do not appear to be making a devil horn. looks to me like you are just being you and so what if you have your hand that way. really, you are a beautiful strong woman.
    I love and cherish my sister suzi.

  2. Who would try to make evil out of thin air like they did. I have a finger for them, since evil sermizing is an apparent way of life for them, guess which one?

    1. finally something to laugh about. good post.

    2. Why would they try to make evil out of thin air? Because that is what they do.

  3. Give up? It was my pinkie! But that's what you get for evil sermizing !

  4. Looks like devil horns to me!

  5. I thought that Chad was the only Shumaker with horns.

  6. I think in Country Music, also extending the pinky finger means "I forgot to milk the cow".

    Devil Horns? Really? It's an ancient sign used to ward off evil.

  7. what has chad ever done that the poster is so against? he has made mistakes but so have we all.

  8. not everyone knows about devil horns. i didn't know anything about them until suzi posted on this blog about them. i asked my almost teen son about the sign above. he told me that it meant bull horns or dear horns or someone is weird. it doesnt have to mean anything.


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