Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bring Your Pet to Church Day

Many have commented that if that if the long-dead FOC prophet, Walter White, were to walk into a church service today, he wouldn’t recognize it as being his church. In the paralysis left by his death, the church did not stay the same. They have waited sure, but for what? Some wait for another preacher like Walter. Others wait for the end of time. Others are content to not worry about it – avoid personal responsibility. We're not in charge here. It’s better to be kept in the dark. Better not to know.

In fact, one of the things we were told growing up was that it was better to NOT read too much of the Bible. They wanted us to be kept innocent. If we didn’t know/comprehend what the Bible said, how accountable could we be?

I don’t respond to most comments on here, but I do read them. A theme I see running throughout is that every home is different. What everyone seems to agree on is that there is no consensus. How can I speak in such general terms about a large group of folks if I wasn’t raised in their homes?

In the 1960s, Walter White had a dream about the future of the Followers of Christ Church. I don’t have a written record of this dream – but if anyone else has it, I would love to publish it.

In the dream, everyone in the building sat caressing their own pet.  I imagine the dream to look something like a Pok√©mon trainers’ convention. Walter said that in the future, each person would have their own pet religion.

And people claim White’s prophesies never came true.


  1. Got to catch em all!

  2. It wasn't about being kept innocent, it was the fear if you read the bible you would not be able to reconcile the fact that the FOC did not look anything like the bible. No preacher, No elders, No baptism, No Lord's Supper. If a smart kid questioned they were told that thinking about and reading the bible too much would lead them to Dammasch (the local mental hospital). OR they were given answers that were in direct contradiction with the bible.

    I now think the older ones were scared and confused without Walter and were just trying anything they could to keep us from leaving. Hopefully Christ would come soon before we committed a sin we couldn't be forgiven for.

  3. Good reply. I believe you are correct in your statement. We simply was not to see the year 1972. We was not to grow up and read. Then panic set in and I believe it was scramble time. I was taught like your last statement that hopefully I would not sin big enough, and that god would forgive me. The flaw in that is it just takes one little ole SIN to keep you out of the kingdom of heaven. For all have sinned and came short of the glory of god. So with that theory I did not need a savior. I did not need Jesus, I grew up not knowing what Jesus did for me. I was not aware of the price he paid for my sin. I simply put did not know Jesus. I totally missed the point. If one can just be good enough, faithful enough. Than my good will out way the bad. So I did not need Jesus Christ.

  4. The dream was about pet doctrines from what I heard. Not just pets. The dream was about pet doctrines and some of those pets had snake heads. If there were doctrines with snake heads then how many more would there be now?


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