Monday, January 14, 2013

Teri Campbell: Is God Big Enough?

Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed at this great horde, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.
2 Chronicles 20:15b 

These words sank deep into my soul as I devoured them over and over. I had just recently faced a number of challenges, and did not think that there was any way around them. Then, God spoke through this passage in the Bible.

My Story

Around five years ago, I became a Christian. Seems like a simple thing, but for me as for many who truly trust in Jesus for their salvation, it was life changing. Born in a family that is 6th generation Latter Day Saint, also known as the Mormons, I grew up with the teachings of Joseph Smith ingrained in my life as the truth. In fact, becoming a Christian was a thirteen year journey guided by God.
It was not until I was serving a mission for the Mormon Church eighteen years ago that I began to doubt the “truths” my parents and teachers had taught me from my birth. When asked, I jokingly blame it all on two things that took place while I was serving this mission. First, on my first time reading the bible from cover to cover, and second, meeting a missionary from another church, I think Presbyterian, but I cannot remember.

The Truth

In all seriousness, the truths from the bible and her words as we parted ways began to sprout in my heart as God worked in my life. What did she say? She stated, “Your Jesus is not my Jesus.” A simple phrase, but in God’s hands, this phrase quickly became a sprouting seed that led me to the truth.
Through my journey to Christ, God has shown me that He is big enough. When I found God, it was not an immediate thing. I did not hear a voice from heaven, and I did not see an angel, but through my journey, He has made it clear that He has claimed me as His own.

God is Big Enough

How does my conversion story relate to the bible verse I used at the beginning of this post? I was still struggling with the death of my grandmother when I read the passage at the beginning of this post. Although I had shared the gospel with her on numerous occasions, I do not know if she had accepted Christ’s true salvation before she died. In addition, I was struggling with anxiety and doubts about life, my children, my conversion and even in a way, about God.

This was why this passage hit me so hard. God used this message to let me know that He is big enough and that I do not need to be afraid. It was as if God was telling me, “Don’t worry, I've got this.” Know what? He does. He is big enough for any struggle, any trial, and any doubt. After all, if He can pull this poor little wretched sinner out of the grasp of Mormonism, is anything too big?

Teri Campbell is a Nashville-based freelance writer, speaker and online blogger. God has blessed her with four incredible children and an amazing husband. Her testimony can be found at the following site:


  1. Interesting post. I'm sure some would say that Mormonism is Christianity as well -- at least. But the greater idea here, that God is big enough -- rings true.

    1. Some would say that Mormon is Christianity as well. Most of those people would be Mormon or not understand what Mormons truly believe.

      The very basic Christian belief that Jesus is God is under question in Mormonism based on their belief that Jesus is the son of God and the spiritual brother of Satan.

      There are many more differences; however, this one belief alone is enough for me to state that the Jesus that Mormons follow is a different Jesus than Christians follow.

  2. Only Mormons and those who don't understand the gospel might think mormonism is equivalent to the one true faith. It's not, and they are counting on you not knowing the difference in order to gain followers.

    Teri, I'm glad someone told you the truth (even though it hurts) and that you trust the word of God instead of man-made religion.

    1. When someone is taught something from childhood it can be almost impossible to sort through the wrong teaching. FOC and Mormons share this in common. They also share abuses such as being told to divorce your husband as Teri shares in her blog because your husband or wife does not go to the correct church. Non-biblical shunning is something else the FOC and Mormons share. They are both destroyers of families for the sake of religious rules. They forsake the gospel and bible and hold to their own man made rules.

    2. Thank you! I am grateful that God gave me a heart for Him and I am praying that He will also turn the hearts of my family members to Him as well.

    3. @Anonymous You are absolutely right! A while back, I found a blog that compared finding out the truth about Mormonism to growing up as a man and finding out that you were a woman. She explained it much better than I did, but I loved the simile. I think this is the post if you are interested in reading it:

      I am sorry to hear that you are also struggling with a works based "religion." It is sad that true Christianity has been replaced by so many cults/religions with "religious" practices instead of relying on the truths that Jesus taught.


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