Monday, January 7, 2013

Susan Osburn Jaggers: The Day I Was Baptized

Today’s guest blogger, Susan Osburn Jaggers, was born June 8, 1948. Her father worked at Publishers Paper Company; her mom was a stay-at-home mom. She had one sister who was ten years older and a brother who was five years younger. She graduated from Oregon City High School on her eighteenth birthday: June 8, 1966. She married her husband, a teacher at Ogden Middle School, on June 18, 1971. They have three children and three grandchildren.

She is active in Lions and runs a state program called Lions Earth Angels. They provide FREE transportation to those who have no other means of transportation. She is a member of the Woodburn Christian Church. She believes in the Golden rule: she would rather give than receive. She makes quilts, and hats and slippers, donating them to the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing foundation and the Ronald McDonald house.

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I was raised in a home that believed. When I was eight years old I went forward to be saved by the Lord, my daddy went with me. My mom and sister had already been baptized. It was Easter Sunday. I was scared because I do not like water over my head. In my church, we go under water. My daddy told me that the Lord would take care of me which he did.
My faith was tested in 1959 when my mom, dad, brother, and me were in Yellowstone. There was a major Earthquake that killed several people. We were trapped for forty-eight hours could not get out. I was eleven at the time. I was so scared I was crying . My daddy took me in his arms and said, "Do you believe in the Lord?” I said “yes." He said, “He will take care of us,” And he did. But my mother had a total breakdown never to be the same again. I never go to bed a night without praying. I pray several times a day; it does not matter if I am driving, or eating or even in the shower, He is there for me and has never let me down.
I left Church several years ago. One day, about eight months ago, my grandson who was eight came to me and cried. He said, “Grandma you will go to Hell if you don’t get back to church.” It hit me hard I went back to church. I want to be with my family in Heaven not in Hell.

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  1. Church attendance doesn't determine your eternal destination.


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