Sunday, January 27, 2013

My First Video Blog: Born Too Soon

Dear Readers,

I've been wanting to try v-logging for a while. I hope you enjoy it!



  1. My sentiments exactly!! I am 5'11 and I played all through school! I didn't play in college because I thought "what's the point"? I was both happy and bummed when the WNBA came out.

    It seems that your camera is moving - if someone is holding it, try to use a tripod or keep your webcam (laptop) on a solid surface.

    Keep Vlogging!

  2. I applaud you for doing a video! VERY GOOD for a first time! Agree about the tripod. Also try a little more light and stand away from the background. I like that it looks like you're trying to do the stark white background that's so popular right now. More light on you and standing further from the background so you don't cast shadows on it, and you will have a very nice look going!

    Definitely watch it on the mom front! They have a way of surprising you (mine sure does!)

    from UBC

  3. You sound as crazy as I would have guessed you would. And did you get your tattoo before or after you left the foc? You totally sound like a femininazzi mixed with a little bit of crazy. Also did your husband give you permission to vlog or did you just tell him you were going to do it? Just wondering.

    1. You sound like a wife-beater. Does your wife have to ask permission to use the bathroom?

  4. Very good Suzi( for the frist time)keep it up you tickle me your a kick


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