Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Letter to the OC FOC

Today, instead of writing a blog, I have offered to publish a letter to the Oregon City FOC. The contact information for the author can be found at the bottom of his letter, for any who are interested.

* * * *

Recently, I received a report from another saint of a vision he had concerning FOC. Addressing this vision with the LORD, HE gave me a vision of FOC. The vision is a budded flower like a rose that has been closed for too long waiting to be nourished and drenched in the sun light but with care from the LORD, this bud will begin to open and bloom into a beautiful flower with its peddles extending to great reaches.

Because of his vision, my fellow brother attended the FOC praise meeting a week ago this last Thursday. He indicated that he was definitely considered an outsider but we have attended many a gathering of "saints", so we do not offend easily.

I have no direct confirmation from the LORD, that I am to be a tool in seeing this vision come to fruition, but I am open to be used however the LORD sees fit.

Much has been said and written concerning the FOC congregation, but I come from a satellite extension of Faith Assembly under Theologian Hobart Freeman. So, I hold many of the same doctrines of Faith as FOC, however, may differ on the application of the doctrines.

As redeemed saints, we all have a ministry and a mission of Reconciliation, directed by Jesus, THE CHRIST, to extend to the world just as HE extended to us. The ONLY way to accomplish this is through the Love of GOD to us.

As a servant of GOD, I am vigilant concerning the people of the LORD.

I appreciate any insights you could give me as to the best or proper approach to introduce myself and others to the elder(s) and congregation of FOC. 

BBB or Triple B (Blessed Brother Bob)
Brother Bob can be reached at

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