Thursday, April 11, 2013

J: Judgment

Today's  topic is judgment. I thought about this blog post all day. I didn't really want to tackle the subject of judgment because it's huge and there are many ways of seeing it. The most common bible verse we hear about judgment is “Judge not, lest ye be judged (Luke 6:37).”

But I know that I am to show judgment (discernment and wisdom) in the way I conduct my own life. As a parent, I judge situations and safety all the time. My experience has taught me to select adult women as babysitters – preferably a close family member. I don't leave my kids in the care of men or teenage boys. That may seem judgmental, but to me, it is wisdom.

It's hard not to judge others. The temptation to pass judgment is nearly always present when I'm around other people (whether that be family, colleagues, friends, neighbors, students, and the friends and playmates of my own children).

The other day I took my kids to a McDonald's Play Land so they could play while I graded papers. The first thing I noticed when I walked in, was the stale body odor from a group of homeless men sitting at a table near the door. And my immediate reaction was repugnance and fear for my children's safety. Do I have the right to be repulsed by the presence of these men in public? I wish I had reacted by offering to buy them a hamburger.

For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.

James 2:13

Do you struggle with being judgmental? Or do you have more experience with being on the receiving end of judgment? And what are some of the positive ways we judge?


  1. I like to think I'm not a judgmental person, but I'm probably more judgmental than I want to admit. I struggle with it; I want to set a good example for my children and it's hard not to judge others. But maybe, like anything else, the more we practice putting ourselves in the shoes of others and working to be less judgmental, the better we'll be at it.

  2. I agree 100% when you say we are not to judge, but yet we need to show judgment in our choices. It is very hard not to judge and I remember hearing innocently through each of my children, the same as I had experienced in youth, that it is so hurtful to feel judged. It is at any age. If we all agreed with our first thoughts we wouldn't have people judging (perfect world!).

  3. Very thought provoking. My initial reaction is "yes, I struggle with being judgmental." The truth is, too often, it's not much a struggle. I should struggle harder.

  4. I find it difficult at times to find that fine line between judgement and discernment
    Judgement is a learned response. Things we learned as children,attitudes and prejudices often instilled by our parents.Discernment I believe is a gift from God.

    Also we need to bear in mind some sometimes we are not being judgemental ,we are just stating a fact.
    For instance if someone is rude and you express that you are not judging just stating the obvious. If someone steals they are a thief, and so on.
    If you see a brother or sister stumble, it is our responsibility as Christians to come along side them and express our concern. That is discernment not judging.
    Lord please help me to know the difference.

  5. Great post. Thanks for sharing your process. That is very courageous. I do struggle with judgement. Sometimes it is appropriate... safety. Often I come crossed a situation that I personally don't like and then I judge. Then I remember that I am not doing that. It is none of my business. My business is to send blessings and go on my way.
    As for homeless men/women... often they are nice people who have fallen on hard times. They may have made poor decisions... but who of us haven't?! They may have mental health issues. Personally I prefer to give food rather than money so that the person can eat and not drink it. Blessings to you.


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