Thursday, April 25, 2013

V: Vessel (Are Women The Weaker Sex?)

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers are not hindered.
1 Peter 3:7

By Enid Neel
There are a lot of people who spin the Bible just like a politician spins the media. But what does the bible say about the relationship between men and women. Let's talk about a few specific points then we'll get to the big picture.

The bible compares men and women to pots. People in ancient times used clay pots for everything, so this was an analogy they had a better understanding of than we do. The Bible says in 1 Peter 3:7 that a husband should honor a wife as a weaker vessel. A LOT of women are offended by this. But we don't understand the context. Jews had pots designated for different jobs around the house. There was a big plain pot with sturdy handles that you carried to the well for water. It was plain, serviceable and built for work. But this pot was left by the door. They had beautiful ornate pitchers that were filled out of this larger pot. They had lovely handles and ornate design, but were not meant to carry out of the heavy lifting. These were called the weaker vessels. That's how God designed the marriage relationship. God is the source, He is the water.

The husband as the head of the household, carries the responsibility of supplying his home with God's provisions. As the sturdy pot brings the nourishment into the home, the serving vessel, relieves him of some of his burden and in turn distributes the blessing to everyone in the home. Both are a valuable part of a supply chain. Neither is designed to do the others job. You wouldn't want to go to the well with your ice tea pitcher, neither would you want to fill the glasses on the table with a 5 gallon bucket! Both jobs are necessary and worthy of honor for the part they play. I am glad God views me as an ornate and beautiful pitcher to deliver living water to my family. Heaven only knows how often I feel like an old clay bucket, unappreciated and unnoticed. But the God of heaven has commanded my husband to honor me as a 'weaker vessel'. I am not designed to take on all the burdens that I sometimes try to take on. Is it any wonder our handles fall off and we get bunged up? We were not designed for 'heavy lifting'. We were designed to share our burdens with our spouse and our God. Not try to do it all ourselves.

This set up takes pressure off both husband and wife. God built us for our tasks, and enabled us to do them well. But God has not equipped us to take over our spouses' job. And we need to quit trying to ram a round peg into a square hole. Your husband was not designed to have the finesse of a dainty pitcher and your wife was not meant to carry the spiritual water to the house, that's your job...

Step up and own the job God has given each of you and your home will be a better place.
My name is Enid. As a wife, mother, sister and member of the human race(or rat race) I have come in contact with many marriage killers. I hope to share the pitfalls I've found, so that you can avoid them. Life is so much better when you go around obstacles ,not through them! Some of these things are so easy. Some are the hardest job you'll ever do...but your family is worth the effort. Thanks for reading!

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