Thursday, April 18, 2013

P: Peace

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
Matthew 5:9

It's been a sad week in America between Monday's Boston Marathon explosion and yesterday's explosion in Waco, Texas. I’ve been thinking a lot about peace. What does it mean to be at peace? to live a peaceful life? and to live peacefully with others? There are many directives in the bible about peace. We are to be peacemakers.

In many ways, I am not a peacemaker. I’m a wavemaker, more like it. I write about things that others would like kept quiet. I write critically about beliefs and practices that do not align with scripture. And that doesn’t keep the peace.

But I really do want to live a peaceful life. I love it when my children play cooperatively together (I almost always grab my camera to record such blessed moments). I love teaching, especially when I get that magical dynamic of students where everyone works cooperatively and enjoys learning and helping their classmates.  When I hear people yelling at each other (or – and especially this – their young children), I will step in and ask if they need help (which often redirects their anger toward me).

When I began this blog, in 2011, the description on the header under “Does Air Exist?” was: “An insider’s look into the notorious Followers of Christ in Oregon City.” About six months later, I changed it to the quote you now see under my blog title. I did that for several reasons – the biggest motivator was that I didn’t want my blog to be just a tell-all, but a place where I could write about my journey as a Christian woman and the issues that are important to me. Yes, the FOC was instrumental in my foundational beliefs, but that’s not all I have to say. I don’t want to be their enemy. I don’t want to argue with them. I don’t have it (peace) mastered; it’s a daily struggle. But it’s a worthwhile and important journey.

* * * * 

Do you struggle with being at peace? How do you maintain a peaceful life while dealing with very fallible people on a daily basis?


  1. PEACE,pretty illusive at times,especially when we are not doing what we know we should.

    Christ uses his correction and discipline to bring us back.It,s not very peaceful then.

    I pray for peace daily not only for myself but ingeneral. We live in trying times socially financially and politically.

    Historicly you look at the great civilizations, when they turned their backs on God they lost their peace and ultimately perished.

    Sadly I feel in many ways that is where we are headed.Alot of prophecy beindg fulfilled.

    Iam more at peace now than I have been in a while.But still on the journey. Praying for peace for us all, in JESUS name.

  2. To Anonymous: Your final comment on yesterdays blog. How can anyone that doesn't have the nerve to put their name on what they write, call some one a coward.

    If you feel so deeply about your convictions,why do hide in the shadows?

    Grow some B_ _ _ _ ............

  3. I can't say peace is something that comes easily. and I often don't work very hard for it. Then again, Jesus wasn't very peaceful when He drove thieving religious frauds out of the Temple with a whip.

    Oh, and what Jeff said. Exactly.

  4. I try to find peace in every moment. The book Peace is Every Breath has helped me practice this.Hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge so far.
    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z
    AZ blogs on Social Media

  5. I can't believe that you would ask someone who's yelling at their own children if they need any help. It's amazing that people like you exist. What gives you the right to but into people's business? It's bad enough that you have hidden behind your computer and attacked the foc like you have, but to get yourself between someone and the upbringing of there children is despicable! You must think that you are the smartest women ever born. You just really don't know when to keep your mouth shut.

    1. I am smart enough to know the difference between discipline and verbal abuse and brave enough to try to help. (Also smart enough to know the difference between there and their).

    2. That's totally insane that you think you are so smart. How could you possibly believe that anyone would care what you have to say when it comes to the discipline of THEIR own children? Let me guess, you don't believe in spanking either?

    3. As a mandatory reporter, I do believe people care what I have to say. And to answer your question about spanking: I wouldn't hit ANYONE, let alone someone I love; and especially a child who is totally dependent on me for safety, security, and love.

    4. Wow! So you obviously choose what parts of the bible you believe then. So I guess I should ask how you have twisted proverbs 13:24 to fit your beliefs. Please let Suzanne answer 1st. Then if she chooses to sic her dogs she can.

    5. What kind of rod do you beat your children with?

      My dad taught me that the rod meant the word of God. Since my children are both born again Christians, my older child is baptized, and we read the Bible and pray together, I'd venture that I'm doing a good job with that directive.

      It seems like the parts of the bible you are most passionate about are the ones that have to do with beating children and subduing women.

  6. It appears you are the one hiding."Why Anonymous?"
    What are you so afraid of?

  7. Proverbs is the Old Testament, Not that it isn't valid.
    We no longer live under the law .We are on this side of the Cross.
    Do you sacrifice a sheep or goat to attone for your sins?
    Hope fully not.That's why Christ went to the Cross.

  8. Do any of you even know what the "rod" mentioned in the bible actually was? The word is used to describe the shepherd's rod that the sheepherders used to guide the sheep. No sheepherder would beat their source of food and income with the rod, but they would use it to guide them to a save path to walk.


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