Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 01. Something You Hate About Yourself

I hate that I am disorganized. I spend far too much time trying to “get organized” and never seem to get there. I also waste far too much time looking for lost items (and often having to replace those items, only to locate them as soon as it’s too late).

Recently, in a teacher training meeting, the facilitator asked the group of 60+ teachers what the top qualities of a good teacher were. Near the top of every list was this: organization. I do have organizational systems in place, but I just often get inundated with stacks of disorganized papers and only 3.5 seconds between tasks. I find myself stuffing these papers into manila folders (at random), only to have to spend the majority of my grading/prep time organizing papers into classes and assignments.

I have a sign up at home that says, “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.” The sign is supposed to encourage me to finally get organized. It has been hanging there for over a year. I feel guilty when I walk by it. I wish I had time to finally get organized.


  1. Where to begin....
    Just so happy the list is "MUCH" shorter than it was. Praise GOD.Regret is a very heavy burden.
    Keep in mind all of your great qualities (many)
    I feel the things we hate are a distraction to take our eyes off CHRIST,making us feel less worthy.
    I'm sure you do, but make this a focus of your prayer life. HE guides us in everything else

  2. Fear, afraid of what lies ahead and an inability to let go if the past.

  3. I dont like my disorganization. It drives me ceazy.

  4. I over analyze. I stress about what someone may be thinking, when in fact they are not thinking that at all... unless they are, in which case, I'd BETTER stress about it, or I'm in big trouble! :^)

  5. Focus--I hate that I have trouble focusing. Be it housework, prayer, homework, a conversation, I have trouble keeping my mind in one place. I tried to follow some mental training techniques, but I couldn't concentrate on them. Writing lists of what I'm supposed to be doing helps, but I'm still a flake.

  6. I think we all go through this. I know that I like order but if see my office.... not always so. I just need to set aside 30 minutes a day and just do it. Thank you for sharing!


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