Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 14. A hero who has let you down

Michael Jackson. Okay, I know that’s a weird answer, considering that on yesterday’s truth blog I said I didn’t have any favorite artists. But, I had a favorite singer back in fifth grade: MJ. His was the first music video I ever saw (Thriller). I thought he was so cute. I loved watching him perform with his red leather jacket (my mom bought me a vinyl knock off of it that I proudly wore), his single white glove, his moon walk.

And then he just got weird with all his plastic surgery and the accusations of child sex abuse. I don’t know if those accusations were true, but I do remember seeing him in an interview talking about having sleepovers with other people’s children (same bed). He was just really odd.


  1. I feel the same way about Michael Jackson! He was so cool and his music was so fun, and then he sorta spiraled into craziness.

    Heath Ledger is another one who sorta let me down. I was so sad and disappointed when he died! So young, and such a needless death. Not that any death is needed...but why do some people seem to need to destroy themselves?

  2. He was really odd, but like you, Michael Jackson's music dominated my growing up years. Thriller was popular in high school and I loved it. I was sad when he died despite all the allegations that colored his life. His music was phenomenal and despite his eccentricity...I still liked him and thought he had amazing talent.


  3. Oh I loved Michael Jackson! (Even though he wasn't really making music any more when I was growing up.) He's one of the greatest male artists of all time, not forgetting the late Freddie Mercury!


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