Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 12. Something you never get compliments on #cantsing #tonedeaf

Oh, thank goodness. A chance to be light-hearted!

I never get compliments on my voice. I sang to my oldest child daily when he was a baby. And then, when he was about three years old, I was belting one out in the car when I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw him holding his pudgy little hands over his ears. Uh, oh. The kid had a better sense of tone than I did. Now, if either of my children hear me singing, they beg: “Mommy, please stop!”

My dad was always singing when I was growing up – he still does it sometimes. I loved hearing his voice and I still remember the words to the old songs he would sing to us.

My parents put me through private piano and violin lessons as a child, but I could never accurately tune my violin. The only way I could play semi-accurately was by using guide stickers for my fingers. I just have no musical abilities or talent.

Your turn: Is there something you NEVER get compliments on?


  1. Love this as I to am "musically challenged". I cannot sign on key - yet I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sing along to the radio. I also struggle to keep a beat . . . if people are clapping at a concert, I need to watch them to make sure I am on beat. You can only imagine the havoc I can create in the middle of a line dance on the dance floor of a wedding! :)

    Thanks for sharing a piece of you!


  2. My husband loves how I make up funny lyrics to replace the real lyrics in songs I can't remember on the radio! My dog still looks at me oddly when I'm singing on the bed with her there. I guess the things that I don't get compliments on are how I look in clothes (now that I'm over weight) and not around enough women in life. But then again, who gives compliments at the beach? We all wear sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, flip flops because there is no "dress code" here.... I don't see many people who are taking off for work because most people here work from home or leave when I'm asleep, so I really never see anyone "dressed up" and I'm so hard on myself that I probably miss the compliments. Thank you for sharing about you! Really great blog post!


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