Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 22. Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life. #regret

“Some people say they wouldn't change a thing but I would.”
Kenny Chesney

I wish I hadn’t made a lot of the mistakes I’ve made. I wish I were smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others. I wasn’t. I pray my children will be wiser than I was. But, since this is just a singular question (something), I will answer it with a single event: I wish I hadn’t quit the full time teaching job I had four years ago. I did it on impulse thinking there were plenty more opportunities for an experienced teacher. Unfortunately, my decision coincided with a bad economy and massive teacher layoffs. So my family lost a lot of income while I worked as a part-time instructor with no benefits.

While it wasn’t the wisest decision, blessings came out of it. I learned a lot. I spent a lot of time volunteering in my children’s classrooms. I picked up another master’s degree (yeah, and a lot more student loan debt – so maybe that wasn’t the best decision either).

Join me in this tough truth challenge, please: what’s something you regret or wish you hadn’t done?


  1. Hello Suzi,

    My biggest regret is living in Africa for 3 years and being too scared to really dig into life there. I was worried about so many things - crime, making friends I'd never see again, teaching for the first time in my life, and even the philosophical questions of why I was born in Canada with everything, and others born in the slums of Nairobi with nothing.

    My regret isn't living there, it's not embracing the moment fully with all of my self. I held back and worried too much, and that negatively affected my time there.

    Thanks for helping me remember how important it is to live in the moment, even when the moment seems scary and flawed!


  2. Wow, awesome candid answers here. Let's see.

    I think my biggest regret is letting other people's expectations get to me so much that I actually made myself sick. I'm so thankful to be healing from that, and praying I've left as little damage as possible on my children.

  3. My biggest regret is not appreciating my bleoved departed mother and daughter more while they were with me. The endless regret can never be resolved while I remain on Earth. I only hope forgiveness comes when I reach a further plane. From that mistake, I'm still trying to learn to only say what I want to last. Visiting from UBC:

  4. I regret some things but there's one I regret more. And that is trying to purposely lose a grade back just so I can be the same grade level as my first love. Thanks to God and a classmate whom I confided my secret, I snapped out of it and was barely able to catch up. Sadly I was no longer taking an advanced classes like college prep classes. And that is what I regret. :(

  5. Regrets? not sure really?, disappointment's, which I had no control over, & ultimately destroy you within, have a few,

    Firstly My mother leaving me as a baby,
    Secondly my step uncle interfering with me as a child & no one believing me, then or years later,
    Thirdly being put in to a children's home!
    And last but not least Autism Which took it's claims on my beautiful Daughter x I love her with a passion unlike my mother's love for me, & we will 'overcome all difficulties' beside her x

    But I suppose my biggest regret is never giving myself enough credit for overcoming these obstacles & letting them fester inside.
    And my Dads lack of strength to believe in he's daughter,
    rather than the woman he loved....


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